Fang Yun Lo 羅芳芸 — 聚合舞Polymer DMT
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Fang Yun Lo 羅芳芸 — 聚合舞Polymer DMT



Polymer DMT is the label for cooperative dance and performance projects by the German-Taiwanese choreographer Fang Yun Lo. It combines and integrates different art forms, and works with artists from different backgrounds. Polymer DMT was established in 2011 and is based in Essen and Dresden (DE) and Taichung (TW). Fang Yun Lo is associated with the service program iDAS NRW, and a member of the scene associations IG Tanz Essen (founding member) and Tanznetz Dresden. In the year 2020, Polymer DMT received a basic conceptual funding and from 2021-23 the top-level funding for dance (Spitzenförderung Tanz) from the german state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Fang Yun Lo has started a documentary trilogy about identity. Unsolved (2018), the first piece, is autobiographical and uses the old, empty family house as a metaphor of the idea of belonging, of home, and the state of abandonment of this house reflects Taiwanese society’s desire for oblivion in the 1980s. The second piece in this trilogy is called Home Away From Home (2021) and explores Vietnamese communities of different generations both in Taiwan and Germany. The circumstances and even legal aspects of their immigration may be different, but they share seemingly common problems of identification in their environment and in relation to their roots, often economic and language barriers, a determination to move forward, and the reality of their everyday lives.


Since 2017, Fang Yun Lo has also been developing performances for young audiences inspired by her practice as an experimental choreographer, starting with Luceo, a piece that does not tell a concise story but rather sketches a journey through different „landscapes“. She will follow up in late 2021 with Nano Giants, in which she will notably collaborate with Indonesian media artist and illustrator Agnes Gunawan. Performatively, they will orientate themselves towards Western and Far Eastern object theatre without planning a puppet theatre play. They are interested in strategies of representation, which they will implement with real performers.



Based in

Essen, Germany & Taichung, Taiwan


Performing Arts, Dance, Documentary Theatre, Children