orangcosong is an art collective founded in 2019 by Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama, mainly active in Asia. Their activities are based on the experience of performing arts, but beyond any genres and positions. The name comes from Indonesian orang (person) and kosong (empty).

Chikara Fujiwara (Kochi/JP, 1977) is based in Yokohama and works as a critic, artist, curator, and dramaturg. In order to connect the world divided by “invisible walls”, he has produced Engeki Quest and also co-devised IsLand Bar with the transnational artists in ADAM 2017. He is a Senior Fellow of Saison Foundation and the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs since 2017.

Minori Sumiyoshiyama (Osaka/JP, 1986) studied architecture at Kyoto Institute of Technology. After performing dance, butoh, and theater for various directors, she has been creating her own projects since 2010. Her work explores relationships with audiences, as for instance her performance Hitsudankai, in which participants only communicate by writing in complete silence. She joined Engeki Quest in 2017 as a researcher, writer, editor, and art manager.

Current works