Devised for young audiences and winningly combining light, words and sounds with elements of parkour, contemporary dance and hip-hop, Luceo follows four dancers on an incredible journey in search of a magical source of light. Framed by a strikingly stage set made up of versatile geometric shapes, their adventure takes them through radiant nocturnal landscapes and firefly fields. Along the way, they learn to overcome difficulties and to both trust one another and their own feelings until ultimately everything seemingly circles back on itself and they are back where all searches begin—with their own selves.

For Polymer DMT, this piece was also meant to build a bridge between Germany (and Western Europe) and Taiwan (and East Asia), a very joyful experience to see the similarities of the audiences’ reactions in both countries, demonstrating once more that basic things like laughter, curiosity, world perception and the magic of theater work almost the same in very different cultures.