Home Away From Home

photo by Yu-Quan Lin

Choreographer Fang Yun Lo and her colleagues—the Vietnamese choreographer Ngo Thanh Phuong and the Taiwanese set designer Cheng Ting Chen—interviewed over one hundred people with Vietnamese backgrounds in Germany and Taiwan as part of a two-year journalistic research project. In spontaneous encounters at work, in stores, and snack bars, they talked about their experiences as immigrants or as members of families caught between cultures.

‘Home Away From Home’ weaves dozens of memories together into a touching, polyphonic journey through the Vietnamese diasporic communities that are often invisible. Divided into small groups, the audience meets six performers at different stations throughout the theater who tell their own stories and those of their families – as artists, workers, YouTubers, and students. A complex mosaic of human relationships emerges from stories, pictures, films, and audio pieces.

‘Home Away From Home’ tells the story of the global dimensions of labor migration and intercultural reality, and reports on disruptions and structural violence, while simultaneously exploring the overarching human categories of home, identity, and happiness.