Mission & Services

We make it our mission to contribute to Asia’s visual and performing arts scenes by providing agency, consulting and production services to local artists and presenters, by facilitating international cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia, and by matching actors and supporters in meaningful collaborations.

Our services encompass the performance of mandates for both institutional partners and individual clients, while bringing visibility and execution quality to the very specific needs of art projects.

Our Experience

We bring twenty years of professional engagement, creative collaborations, and international coproductions in Europe, Asia, and beyond. Our rich experience in art production and institutional mandates allows us to successfully cultivate conditions for all involved parties to thrive.

Our extensive network ranges from artists, to presenters, producers and institutions spread over Europe and Asia helping to create long-term programmes for brand positioning and artistic development.


Please contact us if you need help designing creative events, developing your artistic projects, or establishing international exchanges. We are available to answer your questions and assist you in all your artistic endeavours: programmes@materialise.io