photo by Yu-Quan Lin

In the hip-hop dance piece Unsolved, Fang Yun Lo combines a partially autobiographical investigation of her own family history in Taiwan with current political questions: Where is one at home? What does home mean? Can we find a language for contradictory identities? And how does a young generation relate to the inherited conflicts that their parents’ generation has been unable to solve?

Unsolved, performed by the actor Chih Wen Chung, a hip-hop dancer from Taiwan, revolves around the not always reliable memories of being a teenager in 1980s Taiwan. The main setting is an abandoned family home, an exact replica of which has been recreated on stage – a ghost house, a dusty projection screen for images of protection, love, youth, conflict, historical events, and unanswered questions.

In Unsolved, dance, film, music, and live camera footage create a dense artistic exploration of one’s own identity in all its complexity and fragility, which allows for numerous, very personal approaches and points of discussion.