Pichet Klunchun

Pichet Klunchun is an independent dancer and choreographer who bridges traditional Thai dance language with contemporary sensibility, while keeping the heart and wisdom of the convention. He trained in Thai classical mask dance, Khon, from age 16 with Master Chaiyot Khummanee. Over the past fifteen years, Pichet has earned both domestic and international notoriety for his efforts in contemporising Khon. He has continuously participated in intercultural performing arts festivals in North America, Asia and Europe and has received maybe honorable awards on these three continents.
With his international working experience and from his desire to establish a professional standard, Pichet founded Pichet Klunchun Dance Company to create pure art performance and to train a number of emerging dancers in a professional environment.

In 2017, Pichet Klunchun Dance Company built and opened an art space called Chang Theatre. This independently-run mid-size working space is not only meant to show the work by Pichet or by the membres of his ensemble, but is also open to staging visiting artists from Thailand and beyond.

Current works