Immigrant Ghost Stories

photo by Wataru Oshiro for Naha Culture and Arts Theatre

Ghosts and spirits lurk in our daily lives. You could say they are our neighbours. Discussion about whether they exist or not can be dispensed with. They exist only for those who can see them. You could also say, those who do not want to see them cannot. Incidentally, I have never seen one, but I want to. It is okay if something is invisible to us.

But what would happen if such invisible neighbours were to transcend national and regional boundaries? This is the idea that inspired the conception of this work. It is said that ghost sightings increase after wars and earthquakes. Thinking of the dead leads to the emergence of ghosts. If this is the case, then ghosts seem to be an indispensable part of our lives.

As time passes by and such reasons for the birth of ghosts are forgotten, I also wonder if they will become spirits of unknown origin.