Festival is a performance collectively created by Clara Delorme, Claire Dessimoz and Louis Bonard.

Festival tells two stories at once: on the one hand, the story of a family’s magical evening, and on the other, the magic of the theatre. And that’s all there is to it! From a situation that’s a little too banal, the codes that govern the order of this family are shattered, and we come to see the fantastic infiltrate, and another world invite itself in; that of between the walls, under the beds, in the wardrobes, of dreams and of the night. But we are also witness to a performance that sometimes crosses the line, sometimes plays with its own codes.

Festival is also a performance about our dreams of theatre, but also about our nightmares. About what we hope to see, what we want to believe in or make others believe in. In that sense, it is a show about hope and also about courage, the courage to do things that don’t really suit us, to take on forms that we don’t understand, that amuse or terrify us, but that attract us in one way or another. For example, playing characters in a realistic set is both a practice that seems very ordinary in the theatre tradition, and a gesture that can be surprising in contemporary theatre! So, dream, nightmare, very good or very bad trip, you tell us…