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In Unsolved, the Taiwanese choreographer Fang Yun Lo, who lives in Germany, links a very personal exploration of her own family history in Taiwan with current, universal questions: what is home (and how many of them are there?), how do we deal with difficult memories, and how does the younger generation deal with inherited conflicts that the parents‘ generation was unable to resolve?

With the performer Chih Wen Chung, a hip-hop dancer from Taiwan, Unsolved is circling around the not always reliable memories that were created in a youth in the 1980s in Taiwan. The central setting is a (actually existing) abandoned family house, which is present on stage as a precisely recreated model—a haunted house, a dusty projection screen for images of comfort, youth, family and conflicts, of historical events and unanswered questions.

What happened here? A family quarrel? A tragedy? A political upheaval?

The piece leaves these questions without an answer. Instead, a dynamic memory space is set in motion in which the objects and images themselves become protagonists: featuring a continuously changing stage, and a live camera that penetrates into the smallest details. From the images, a videographer creates a complex video production full of time jumps and illusions, which is complemented by the live electronic score.