Nano Giants
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Nano Giants


Based on the basic form of a journey into an abstract (theatrical) world, Polymer DMT wants to explore different dimensions, sizes and body relations as well as mechanical forms of movement, working not only with the human body, but also with objects and images.

The themes are simple but fundamental questions of human life: are we small or big, in relation to what and to whom, do we move or are we displaced?

The performance will be oriented towards Western and Far Eastern object theatre, without fully evolving into a puppet theatre piece. Fang Yun Lo and her team are more interested in strategies of representation and control of the body, which will be implemented with real performers.

The performers are supported live by an illustrator—who draws in all scales, from miniatures to giants—and by sound effects that create realistic environments.

Nano Giants is a dance/performance piece for children (from 5 y.o.) and adults, which will premiere in autumn 2021. It will last approximately 60 minutes, without language, and requires a medium to large stage space that is flexible enough to allow for changes with simple means.