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Humanité Végétale

  Humanité Végétale (Vegetal Humanity) is the fruit of more than ten years of research and photography across the globe. Looking into the notion of gardens, Mario Del Curto explores our relationship with nature, our need to domesticate it to feed a population or to bend

Das Fremde

    ‘Das Fremde’ is a colony of robotic agents who create their own language. Their culture is then exposed to disruptions from visitors: human beings. Will the agents’ culture evolve, incorporating our culture into theirs? Will the audience feel empathy with this new species? Is a

H.R. Giger • Seul avec la nuit

    Rarely have artists exerted as much fascination as H.R. Giger, an almost mythological figure of graphic and cinematographic design. A monster—the eponym lead character of Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979)—has cast a long shadow on its creator, but this retrospective retrieves H.R. Giger’s work from its