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Ayaka Nakama

  Ayaka Nakama is a choreographer and performer based in Kobe, Japan, who has worked with Mika Kurosawa, Reina Kimura, Toshiki Okada, contact Gonzo and many others. With the aim of expanding the dancer's work itself, Ayaka started making dance pieces in 2013 and has been

Philippe Saire

    A key figure of the Swiss contemporary dance scene, Philippe Saire has created over thirty dance performances. His interests include visual arts and theatre, fields that feature in his consistently intense and refined works, which often carry a touch of darkness. In 1986, he founded

Fang Yun Lo

Fang Yun Lo 羅芳芸 — 聚合舞Polymer DMT

    Polymer DMT is the label for cooperative dance and performance projects by the German-Taiwanese choreographer Fang Yun Lo. It combines and integrates different art forms, and works with artists from different backgrounds. Polymer DMT was established in 2011 and is based in Essen and Dresden

Mario Del Curto

  "I’m like a marauder. A nice, romantic thief. When I work, I no longer think. I feel neither cold nor rain. It’s like I’m possessed, in osmosis with what’s happening, as if things were waving at me, inviting me to photograph them.” For this Swiss artist,

Raphaël Lutz

  Raphaël Lutz is an industrial and product designer who graduated from ECAL in 2012. Great-grandson of one of the founders of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, he was raised in a restaurant and worked for more than twelve years in various establishments in the region.


  orangcosong is an art collective founded in 2019 by Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama, mainly active in Asia. Their activities are based on the experience of performing arts, but beyond any genres and positions. The name comes from Indonesian orang (person) and kosong (empty). Chikara Fujiwara

David Espinosa

    After studying acting and contemporary dance, David performed in different dance and theatre companies. In 2006, David creates El Local Espacio de Creacion with Africa Navarro. Their artistic projects have been presented at international festivals and performing arts venues spread all across Europe, North and South

Jeremy Nedd

    Jeremy Nedd is a Brooklyn-born, Basel-based choreographer and performer whose work focuses on the processes of dissecting, demystifying and re-contextualising content in order to confront definitions of validity and contemporaneity. An alumnus of SUNY Purchase college in New York, Jeremy Nedd completed a Master in Expanded

La Ribot

    Spanish-born La Ribot is a conceptual artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her career started in the 1980's as a choreographer, building her projects from movement, the body, and her origins in dance, and later adopting any practice, system or material her concept prompts, often extending

Royce Ng

    Born in Australia and based in Hong Kong, Royce Ng started his practice strictly as a visual artist before venturing more recently into performing arts. His work features a strong visual component constructed through various digital media technologies such as 3D animation, VR and holograms and