watch & talk

The watch & talk international programme offers up-and-coming stage practitioners a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields. Young artists from several countries are selected and given the possibility of participating in an intensive week of discoveries: accompanied by a facilitator, they will watch and discuss a wide variety of performances, meet professional theatre practitioners from all over the world and take part in debates with artists, critics and specialists of the performing arts who are attending the festival.

watch & talk in its present form stems from a programme launched in Switzerland by Migros Culture Percent within different summer festivals and the Pro Helvetia’s Seminar in Avignon, who was then developed for Asia.This programme is realised thanks to the support of international cultural institutions, who finance the participation of artists from their country or region of action. The programme was interrupted by the pandemic after three successful editions in Asia but it will return to Singapore¬† International Festival of Arts in 2024 and resume a continuous activity.