Xiao Ke ✕ Zi Han
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Xiao Ke ✕ Zi Han



Xiao Ke has been a professional performer and choreographer since graduating from university. She expanded her practice into visual arts and other forms, setting up different collectives to pursue these ventures. Zi Han’s artistic background lies in photography and audiovisual production, but has since broadened up to include endeavours in performing arts. Together, Xiao Ke Zi Han have directed five stage projects through a strong interdisciplinary process, which have been performed internationally.


Their work is resolutely conceptual and features a clear social—sometimes documentary—dimension, often involving local artists and taking the projects to the public space; their choreographic work Republic of Dance tells the history of the Chinese moving body through the personal tales of performers from five different generations. In 2018, they embarked on CHINAME, a three-year research project that will take them throughout Asia and beyond, generating various artistic outcomes during the process.


Alongside their own artistic practice, Xiao Ke Zi Han deploy an important artivist activity to support the independent performing arts community in Shanghai where they live and in China. Besides organising festivals and other events, they have founded the iPanda network to bring artists together and bridge them to potential partners abroad.



Based in

Shanghai, China


Performing Arts, Visual Arts