Theater Neumarkt
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Theater Neumarkt


LOVE PLAY FIGHT & three areas for an unconditional theatre.

LOVE PLAY FIGHT is our faith and battle cry, it is an invitation and challenge to the city and the artists. Under this motto we transform Theater Neumarkt into NEUMARKT and create institutions where women of faith love, play and fight in our three areas PLAYGROUND, THEATRE and ACADEMY.

We believe that Neumarkt, with its eventful history invites and challenges. This place has always made itself vulnerable. And that is important and right, especially when it comes not only to developing theatre, but also to reflecting on one’s own criticism, and to understanding institutions as models for something greater than oneself. We believe that playing and positioning an institution means first and foremost that you as an individual know what you want, what you stand for and what you take responsibility for.



Zurich, Switzerland


Performing Arts, Theater