Sneaker Collab
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Sneaker Collab



Without a doubt, Sneakers are the object that best represents the hybridisation of luxury and streetwear.


A world premiere, the ‘Sneaker Collab’ exhibition aims demonstrate, in a global and immersive way,  the positive power of the sneaker phenomenon by evoking its emergence in the 1980s to more recent collaborations and projects. ‘Sneaker Collab’ demonstrates how sneakers, a culture and a way of life, have triggered a shockwave that has reached the worlds of fashion, music, images and ultimately all levels of contemporary creation and urban culture.


Focused on collaborations, the exhibition explores historical aspects, reflecting to the most memorable projects that have turned this branch of popular culture into a symptomatic object of our times. The increasing role of collaboration, a real tool in brands’ sales strategies, has also contributed to transforming what was originally a mere sports shoe into a true fashion accessory.


The exhibition prominently features limited edition Nike sneakers, the brand that kickstarted this global trend, but not only: pieces from Adidas, Asics, Puma, Reebok, Vans and other brands contribute to present a panoramic view of this groundbreaking explosion.


But more importantly, ‘Sneaker Collab’ highlights the creative input of artists and designers from a broader universe. With collaborators ranging from Virgil Abloh to Zaha Hadid, the Wu-Tang Clan, Takashi Murakami, Pharrell Williams, Rick Owens, Kanye West, Jeremy Scott and Tom Sachs, to name a few, the exhibition attests to an increasingly detailed—and even aggressive—command of the distribution and development of a rich and creative culture, based on dialogue and sharing.






Marco Costantini, David Berguglia, Julian Bessant-Lamour & Philippe Cuendet