Mi Gran Obra
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Mi Gran Obra



To quote David Espinosa, “Mi Gran Obra is what I would do if I had an unlimited budget, the largest theatre in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military orchestra, a rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter.”


Mi Gran Obra (My Great Work) is an utopia. David’s plan was to build a large-scale show, with an unlimited artistic team, developing all the ideas that came up, sparing no expense or material, but obviously, with a slight draw back: a scale 1:87. In other words, thinking big and doing small, using the approach and techniques of an architect, thus continuing to question the limits of theatre and digging deeper into his previous projects’  interest: the concept of performing.


The public gathers around the table, in three rows, equipped with binoculars to see every detail, and this small world suddenly takes over our emotions without speaking a single word… This show garnered great success and was performed over 300 times in 19 countries and 48 cities.


Mi Gran Obra was awarded the artist-in-residence program of Bilbao Eszena, laureate of the Golden Laurel Wreath for Best actor/Actress, Golden Laurel Wreath of the Audience, and Festival Critics Team Award for Best Performance at Festival Mess in Sarajevo (2014). It was also laureate of the Home Prize at Be Festival in Birmingham (2014).


Creation & Direction: David Espinosa / Performance: David Espinosa & Cía. Hekinah Degul / Direction Assistant: África Navarro / Music & Sound: Santos Martínez & David Espinosa / Stage Design: David Espinosa & Air maquetas y proyectos de arquitectura / Production: EL LOCAL EC. + CAET, with the support of the Culture Department of the Government of Catalonia.

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