Mario Del Curto
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Mario Del Curto


“I’m like a marauder. A nice, romantic thief. When I work, I no longer think. I feel neither cold nor rain. It’s like I’m possessed, in osmosis with what’s happening, as if things were waving at me, inviting me to photograph them.”

For this Swiss artist, photography is a second nature, which  hasn’t left him since he discreetly borrowed his father’s camera when he was twelve years old. Mario Del Curto never introduces himself as a “photographer” or “director”. He simply says: “I take pictures.”

An independent photographer, he has notably worked in theater and dance, developing a unique style in stage photography, and also became passionate about Art Brut, to which he devoted many exhibitions, books, and films.

Photojournalism, visual art, documentary… it would be difficult to classify his pictures. In truth, they are most often like civic manifestos because, from the very beginning of his career, he has viewed photography first and foremost as a record and a vector of thought.


Being self-taught and having started with little, “a permanent field of learning and desire” eventually opened up to him. And thanks to this medium, he opposes, understands, denounces, enchants and reinvents the world every day.


His solo exhibition Humanité Végétale is represented by Materialise in APAC region.


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