le lieu unique
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le lieu unique

Centre for Contemporary Culture



In the midst of invited artists, choreographers, theatre directors, musicians, poets, philosophers, researchers, and its audience, le lieu unique tries to decipher reality, to produce meaning and to re-enchant an environment often seen as absurd and hopeless. Le lieu unique acts as an observatory of the world and questions the borders between what is culturally accepted and alternative options, often incorporating first-hand accounts and experiences. Moreover, by showcasing ‘hard’ and social sciences—and those who comment them—this institution invites one and all to discover the complexity of the world around us, to appreciate its more poetic aspects, and to tackle deeply human issues.


Ultimately, if artists and international thinkers are highly involved at le lieu unique, it is because they offer rich perspectives and a chance to open up new horizons. While holding up a mirror to the world, le lieu unique strives to present innovative artistic crossovers as well as interstitial and multidisciplinary projects. This is where le lieu unique dreams of tomorrow and draws the contours of another world: new forms and aesthetics constantly push back the limits of what is taken for granted with dreamlike projects that are often far from traditions and conventions.


Le lieu unique virtually hums during the high points of the season, presenting projects that are innovative, discursive, hybrid, benevolent, and always audacious. Explore and invent: this is the motto guiding le lieu unique and every guest that walks through its doors.


In the heart of Nantes, le lieu unique is also a social space that is open all year round, offering guests the calm atmosphere of a café, a restaurant, bookstore, a record shop and a Turkish bath, as well as the more vibrant ambiance of a club. With its permanent offer of cultural events, this lieu de vie is the gateway to an artistic project aimed at reaching as many people as possible, much of which is highly affordable: the exhibitions, conferences & debates, the bar and small concerts are all free.


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Contemporary Visual Art, Performing Art