La Ribot
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La Ribot



Spanish-born La Ribot is a conceptual artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her career started in the 1980’s as a choreographer, building her projects from movement, the body, and her origins in dance, and later adopting any practice, system or material her concept prompts, often extending her practice beyond live performance into video, speech, writing and sign language, object fabrication, installation, and “relational” works involving diverse communities: both fellow arts practitioners, and lay people with no previous art-making experience.


Since the 1990’s, she has been a key figure of contemporary dance in Europe, her seminal work having contributed to reshape it and to redefine our understanding of it along other visionaries such as Jerome Bel or Xavier Le Roy. La Ribot is the laureate of Grand National Awards for dance both in Spain and Switzerland, as well as numerous honours in visual arts. She continues to produce excellent works for stages and museums alike.


Materialise represents La Ribot in the Asia-Pacific Region, currently focusing on Happy Island, a performance created in collaboration with inclusive dance company Dançando com a Diferença from Madeira, Portugal.



Based in

Geneva, Switzerland


Performing Arts, Dance