Humanité Végétale
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Humanité Végétale


Humanité Végétale (Vegetal Humanity) is the fruit of more than ten years of research and photography across the globe. Looking into the notion of gardens, Mario Del Curto explores our relationship with nature, our need to domesticate it to feed a population or to bend it to our vision: for centuries, humanity has been interacting with vegetation both for material and spiritual reasons, often trying to find a balance. However, recent signs indicate that we have lost this equilibrium and are slowly cutting ourselves from nature, precipitating it and us into a dangerous downwards spiral.

Through this exhibition, the viewer has the opportunity to appreciate our past relationship to plants and to question our current attitude towards our environment. Following Del Curto on five continents, from metropolis to remote areas, visitors can ask themselves the same question the artist did: “What do we take from the earth and what do we give back to it?”

Furthermore, Humanité Végétale is a great opportunity to gather audiences of all ages around conferences, films, workshops and other events to discuss and hopefully improve the sustainability of our presence on the only planet we can call home.


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