David Espinosa
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David Espinosa



After studying acting and contemporary dance, David performed in different dance and theatre companies. In 2006, David creates El Local Espacio de Creacion with Africa Navarro. Their artistic projects have been presented at international festivals and performing arts venues spread all across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. David Espinosa’s work questions the idea of performance through researching the limits of theatre and manipulating the elements of the “stage equation”.


Keeping a critical spirit—full of irony—about society and the art world, he tries in every creation to develop a formal game that surprises the audience by including them in the viewing experience of the piece. David enjoys crudely exposing mechanisms and approaches of the production of artworks, avoiding labels and always floating between visual arts, dance and theatre.


Materialise represents David Espinosa’s work in the Asia Pacific Region. David’s most successful project Mi Gran Obra was presented in Shanghai in 2019 and will return to Asia in 2020.



Based in

Barcelona, Spain


Performing Arts, Theatre