Art Brut Biennial
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Art Brut Biennial



Of unique historic value, the Collection de l’Art Brut holdings comprise over 70 000 paintings drawings, sculptures, fabric works and writings. In November 2013 the museum’s newly appointed director, Ms. Sarah Lombardi, initiated a series of exhibitions exclusively devoted to pieces belonging to the institution’s own collection, as a showcase of such an invaluable treasure. As their name—The Art Brut Biennials—indicates, these shows are to take place every two years. Under the banner of a shared thematic slant and enriched by a specific catalogue, each displays works which have already been exhibited with works never before shown.


The inaugural Art Brut Biennial addressed means of transportation, and was followed in 2015 with a second edition highlighting architecture. The third biennial took place in the winter of 2017-2018 and used the body as a leitmotiv. The fourth Art Brut Biennial invited visitors to further discover the museum’s wealth of holdings, with an eye brought to the presence of theatre in art brut.

architecture, body, outsiders, theatre, vehicles