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Jewels in Play

    Two remarkable jewellery collections are in safekeeping at the mudac: mudac’s and the Swiss Confederation’s, for which the museum makes regular acquisitions. With almost 200 pieces, these collections reflect the developments of a constantly evolving field. ‘Jewels in Play’ is the first exhibition that mudac

Nez à nez. Contemporary perfumers

    ‘Nez à nez’ is ‘nose to nose’ in French. In the exhibition ‘Nez à nez. Contemporary perfumers’, we follow the trajectories and creative processes of those working in the complex and demanding world of perfumery. The public can now access some of the insider secrets

Swim City

    ‘Swim City’ is the first exhibition to draw attention to a particular contemporary phenomenon in urban space: river swimming as a mass movement. Swiss cities have played a pioneering role in the development of this activity in the last few decades, gradually making the river