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Mario Del Curto

  "I’m like a marauder. A nice, romantic thief. When I work, I no longer think. I feel neither cold nor rain. It’s like I’m possessed, in osmosis with what’s happening, as if things were waving at me, inviting me to photograph them.” For this Swiss artist,

Raphaël Lutz

  Raphaël Lutz is an industrial and product designer who graduated from ECAL in 2012. Great-grandson of one of the founders of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, he was raised in a restaurant and worked for more than twelve years in various establishments in the region.

Royce Ng

    Born in Australia and based in Hong Kong, Royce Ng started his practice strictly as a visual artist before venturing more recently into performing arts. His work features a strong visual component constructed through various digital media technologies such as 3D animation, VR and holograms and

Michael Spranger & Stéphane Noël

    Michael Spranger currently holds positions as Researcher and Senior Program Manager (Machine Intelligence) at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Tokyo) and as Deputy General Manager at Sony AI. His work focuses on Artificial Intelligence, in particular, computational creativity, artificial language evolution and robotics. Michael Spranger has also