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Designer’s Table

  Designer’s Table is a gastronomic adventure combined with a forward-looking dimension of tableware and experience design. It’s not only a question of eating well, but also of having a total experience. Each course is presented on a carefully designed object, matched by an equally crafted


  In the Spring of 2020, we have been under the full force of the attacks of a new invisible enemy and must face it all together. Apart from limitin contacts, there is a very simple object which make possible to avoid the transmission of the

Art Brut Biennial

    Of unique historic value, the Collection de l’Art Brut holdings comprise over 70 000 paintings drawings, sculptures, fabric works and writings. In November 2013 the museum’s newly appointed director, Ms. Sarah Lombardi, initiated a series of exhibitions exclusively devoted to pieces belonging to the institution’s

Das Fremde

    ‘Das Fremde’ is a colony of robotic agents who create their own language. Their culture is then exposed to disruptions from visitors: human beings. Will the agents’ culture evolve, incorporating our culture into theirs? Will the audience feel empathy with this new species? Is a

Seminar in Asia

    ‘Seminar in Asia’ offers twelve up-and-coming young stage practitioners a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields. Twelve young artists from eight countries are selected by institutional partners and given the possibility to participate in ten intensive days of discovery: accompanied by

H.R. Giger • Seul avec la nuit

    Rarely have artists exerted as much fascination as H.R. Giger, an almost mythological figure of graphic and cinematographic design. A monster—the eponym lead character of Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979)—has cast a long shadow on its creator, but this retrospective retrieves H.R. Giger’s work from its


Recent Architecture in Switzerland     In 1992 the artist Ben Vautier made a provocative statement by writing “La Suisse n’existe pas” (Switzerland does not exist) at the entrance to the Swiss pavilion at the Expo in Seville. He wanted to point out the linguistic and cultural diversity

Bengal Stream

The Vibrant Architecture Scene of Bangladesh     With ‘Bengal Stream’ S AM is the first museum worldwide to present an exhibition on Bangladesh’s architecture. In a chequered historical sequence of events, various trends have expressed themselves in different architectural ways, according to religious or socio-cultural developments. Nevertheless,

Swim City

    ‘Swim City’ is the first exhibition to draw attention to a particular contemporary phenomenon in urban space: river swimming as a mass movement. Swiss cities have played a pioneering role in the development of this activity in the last few decades, gradually making the river

The Ecstatic

    With The Ecstatic, Jeremy Nedd mixes two historically important South African subcultures. On the one hand, there is Pantsula, a subculture expressed not only as a powerful dance form well known for it’s high-speed virtuosic footwork, but also a dress code, language, music, and a