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Humanité Végétale

  Humanité Végétale (Vegetal Humanity) is the fruit of more than ten years of research and photography across the globe. Looking into the notion of gardens, Mario Del Curto explores our relationship with nature, our need to domesticate it to feed a population or to bend

Nagenage Chinese

  Nagenage Chinese is a performance that takes the appearance of a ritualised divination, pointing to the future with questions about identity. Although this ritual will borrow from traditional practices and iconography, it will be designed completely anew, anchored both in contemporaneity and artistic substance. The

Madama Butterfly

  In Puccini’s opera, a 15-year old geisha is given in marriage to an American soldier, who promptly returns home after impregnating her. She waits for three years for him to return, ultimately commits suicide upon discovering that he got married to an American wife in

IsLand Bar

  Island Bar is a performance project conflating cocktail-making and storytelling in a bar environment. Each of the artists hosts an island to serve a signature cocktail, a political concoction of island histories and realities. Audiences are invited to drink and rethink about what has made

Engeki Quest

  Engeki Quest is a flâneur-style walking project to explore a city. The participants wander the city alone, relying on the instructions written in the “Adventure Book” to guide them through the streets, make them attentive to certain elements and also reveal them otherwise imperceptible layers.

Designer’s Table

  Designer’s Table is a gastronomic adventure combined with a forward-looking dimension of tableware and experience design. It’s not only a question of eating well, but also of having a total experience. Each course is presented on a carefully designed object, matched by an equally crafted


  In the Spring of 2020, we have been under the full force of the attacks of a new invisible enemy and must face it all together. Apart from limitin contacts, there is a very simple object which make possible to avoid the transmission of the

Art Brut Biennial

    Of unique historic value, the Collection de l’Art Brut holdings comprise over 70 000 paintings drawings, sculptures, fabric works and writings. In November 2013 the museum’s newly appointed director, Ms. Sarah Lombardi, initiated a series of exhibitions exclusively devoted to pieces belonging to the institution’s

Das Fremde

    ‘Das Fremde’ is a colony of robotic agents who create their own language. Their culture is then exposed to disruptions from visitors: human beings. Will the agents’ culture evolve, incorporating our culture into theirs? Will the audience feel empathy with this new species? Is a

Seminar in Asia

    ‘Seminar in Asia’ offers twelve up-and-coming young stage practitioners a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields. Twelve young artists from eight countries are selected by institutional partners and given the possibility to participate in ten intensive days of discovery: accompanied by