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Nano Giants

  Based on the basic form of a journey into an abstract (theatrical) world, Polymer DMT wants to explore different dimensions, sizes and body relations as well as mechanical forms of movement, working not only with the human body, but also with objects and images. The

Home Away from Home

  People have always migrated to other countries to work and earn money. To-day, this global labor migration is one of the most complex and invisible phenomena of our society. In some countries, migrant workers now make up the vast majority of the population, but with


  In Unsolved, the Taiwanese choreographer Fang Yun Lo, who lives in Germany, links a very personal exploration of her own family history in Taiwan with current, universal questions: what is home (and how many of them are there?), how do we deal with difficult memories,

Freeway Dance

  Ayaka Nakama sees herself as a dancer who wants to be choreographed by everything that exists in the world. Freeway Dance is a time and place where she considers other people’s memories of their first dance as her choreography and lets her body dance them. The

Nagenage Chinese

  Nagenage Chinese is a performance that takes the appearance of a ritualised divination, pointing to the future with questions about identity. Although this ritual will borrow from traditional practices and iconography, it will be designed completely anew, anchored both in contemporaneity and artistic substance. The

Madama Butterfly

  In Puccini’s opera, a 15-year old geisha is given in marriage to an American soldier, who promptly returns home after impregnating her. She waits for three years for him to return, ultimately commits suicide upon discovering that he got married to an American wife in

IsLand Bar

  Island Bar is a performance project conflating cocktail-making and storytelling in a bar environment. Each of the artists hosts an island to serve a signature cocktail, a political concoction of island histories and realities. Audiences are invited to drink and rethink about what has made

Engeki Quest

  Engeki Quest is a flâneur-style walking project to explore a city. The participants wander the city alone, relying on the instructions written in the “Adventure Book” to guide them through the streets, make them attentive to certain elements and also reveal them otherwise imperceptible layers.

The Ecstatic

    With The Ecstatic, Jeremy Nedd mixes two historically important South African subcultures. On the one hand, there is Pantsula, a subculture expressed not only as a powerful dance form well known for it’s high-speed virtuosic footwork, but also a dress code, language, music, and a