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Nagenage Chinese

  Nagenage Chinese is a performance that takes the appearance of a ritualised divination, pointing to the future with questions about identity. Although this ritual will borrow from traditional practices and iconography, it will be designed completely anew, anchored both in contemporaneity and artistic substance. The

Madama Butterfly

  In Puccini’s opera, a 15-year old geisha is given in marriage to an American soldier, who promptly returns home after impregnating her. She waits for three years for him to return, ultimately commits suicide upon discovering that he got married to an American wife in

IsLand Bar

  Island Bar is a performance project conflating cocktail-making and storytelling in a bar environment. Each of the artists hosts an island to serve a signature cocktail, a political concoction of island histories and realities. Audiences are invited to drink and rethink about what has made

The Ecstatic

    With The Ecstatic, Jeremy Nedd mixes two historically important South African subcultures. On the one hand, there is Pantsula, a subculture expressed not only as a powerful dance form well known for it’s high-speed virtuosic footwork, but also a dress code, language, music, and a

Mi Gran Obra

    To quote David Espinosa, "Mi Gran Obra is what I would do if I had an unlimited budget, the largest theatre in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military orchestra, a rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter."   Mi Gran Obra (My Great Work) is


    SCI-(NO)-FI is a performance engaging with future imageries from and of China in order to reassess our relation to technology today.   The title of the performance can be read in different ways: as Science Fiction, as Science Non-Fiction, and last but not least as Sino-Fiction, a

Queen Zomia

    Queen Zomia traces the histories of opium through the figure of Olive Yang, the bisexual, cross-dressing warlord who controlled the illicit opium and heroin trade in the Golden Triangle. Collaborating with Kuomintang soldiers left over from the Chinese revolution or the CIA, she deeply influenced

Ghost of Showa

    Ghost of Showa looks at the spectres that haunt the economy of modern East Asia and the darkly ambiguous legacy of opium in the development of the Asian state. The piece moves between a narration of the colonial bureaucrat, prime minister and war criminal Nobusuke Kishi's life and

Kishi the Vampire

    Kishi the Vampire narrates the life of Japanese bureaucrat, colonial administrator, economic planner, war criminal, prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nobusuke Kishi as a vampire story. Kishi’s long life, sexual corruption, greed and disregard for human suffering make him the perfect amoral protagonist

Republic of Dance

    Republic of Dance is articulated around the massive phenomenon of public square dancing in China. This type of dance mixes different Chinese dance styles, from folklore and traditional practices to modern national canons, aerobics, pop music, and selfie culture. The piece is a documentary in