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Mario Del Curto

  "I’m like a marauder. A nice, romantic thief. When I work, I no longer think. I feel neither cold nor rain. It’s like I’m possessed, in osmosis with what’s happening, as if things were waving at me, inviting me to photograph them.” For this Swiss artist,

Theater Neumarkt

  LOVE PLAY FIGHT & three areas for an unconditional theatre. LOVE PLAY FIGHT is our faith and battle cry, it is an invitation and challenge to the city and the artists. Under this motto we transform Theater Neumarkt into NEUMARKT and create institutions where women of


      HyperAktiv.li is a spin-off of Studio Raphaël Lutz. Innovation-oriented, its action is to support the exchanges between creative individual, companies, and specialists from all walks of life. HyperAktiv’s values are to put the user at the center of all conceptual concerns and to focus on the

Satoko Ichihara

  Satoko Ichihara is a playwright, director and novelist, born in Japan in 1988. She writes and directs plays that deal with human behaviour, the physiology of the body, and the unease surrounding these themes, using her unique sense of language and physical sensitivity. In one

Raphaël Lutz

  Raphaël Lutz is an industrial and product designer who graduated from ECAL in 2012. Great-grandson of one of the founders of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, he was raised in a restaurant and worked for more than twelve years in various establishments in the region.


  orangcosong is an art collective founded in 2019 by Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama, mainly active in Asia. Their activities are based on the experience of performing arts, but beyond any genres and positions. The name comes from Indonesian orang (person) and kosong (empty). Chikara Fujiwara

Collection de l’Art Brut

    Convinced as he was that madness was a source of creative fecundity, Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) set out to look for art unfettered by cultural and/or social conditioning. In 1945 he began assembling a collection of art brut, a term he coined himself. He donated his

Pro Helvetia

Swiss Arts Council     At the forefront of Swiss cultural policy since its foundation in 1939, Pro Helvetia promotes Swiss art and culture with a focus on quality and diversity. As the Swiss Confederation’s cultural promotion institution, Pro Helvetia supports projects that are of national interest. Pro

David Espinosa

    After studying acting and contemporary dance, David performed in different dance and theatre companies. In 2006, David creates El Local Espacio de Creacion with Africa Navarro. Their artistic projects have been presented at international festivals and performing arts venues spread all across Europe, North and South

Jeremy Nedd

    Jeremy Nedd is a Brooklyn-born, Basel-based choreographer and performer whose work focuses on the processes of dissecting, demystifying and re-contextualising content in order to confront definitions of validity and contemporaneity. An alumnus of SUNY Purchase college in New York, Jeremy Nedd completed a Master in Expanded